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Ponds on farmland....... - kllrchrd
Ponds on farmland.......

... are very rare. These are here because of quarrying and hopefully after many decades will continue to remain as they are. I might introduce bullrush, handy for dragonflies and damsel to emerge tho in a location such as this am sorely tempted to leave as is. Perhaps i might plant some bullrush on the lower more plant filled ones along with yellow flag iris, though again tempted to leave 'as is'. Above is one of the two lower ponds. Perhaps my best eptaph would be "He introduced plants".

Above is the upper pond. A lovely stretch of unimproved land drains down into this.


Above is the middle pond. This afternoon a Sunday we encountered at least four hares and hope they can cope with the coming winter cold and wet. Up at W. Moor abt four years ago at the gated entrance to the rocks we found a hare curled up in the snow, dead. I asssume it curled up to pass the night and the cold and wet had got the better of it. Quite heart rending to see and something that will stay with me a long time. There was plenty of gorse to shelter under at the other side of the fence, which is often dry when open ground is wet and snow covered, perhaps the mesh fence was impassable. Another instance to hate mesh fences, when parallel wire ones would suffice. Gorse is good for cover in snow, sheep often shelter under it at night when snowfall is bad, their droppings indicate this. 


The frailty of this gate impressed me !  Bits 'o string and hey presto a 'secure' gate.

Heres the track to the local farm, a lovely woman lives on the let property to the right, she gives her time, resources and energy to riding for the disabled. As I've mentioned before working with horses was the only thing that could 'get through' to shell shocked men of the first world war. Its a shame we no longer use such therapy for those unattached and disconnected to the soil.


An excellent patch, regarded as less then common ie round leaved mint, Mentha rotundifolia. I wonder how many years its been there??  A long time perhaps. Theres no other patch near it, in fact in all my rambles only seen one other and that is now washed away due to a stupid monoculture of conifer forests upstream twenty miles north. I will soon be taking a spadeful for somewhere else, my fee for helping reconsolidate after the ditch digger was in operation last year. An excellent late season food source for bees and suchlike.

Its difficult to get a good horse pic, being a bringer of food might be the reason they are so keen on me. 

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