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Todays garden pics. - kllrchrd
Todays garden pics.

Cheating a bit, the above is from just below the cubby hole where we park, the 'robins pincushion'.

Late season and dahlias are very important to so many flying insects.

I had a shocking pink one too, though only one tuber and it succumbed to rot, over-watering on my part.



We have two apple tres in 'standard' form, its vital we spray with Bordeaux mixture. Saffron (commonly mis-termed the autumn crocus) is always leggy and seems so weak, would probably be happier in a higher light level, I will dress them with bonemeal which should help as it does all bulbous plants.


Bees are having such problems, we need to help them all we can. Looking around, there are so few people that are in tune with the need to provide flowering plants over as wide a season as possible. I particularly abhor the moronic spread of block paving and gravel.


The canterbury bells are from Mrs N who passed away eighteen months ago. I now have white as well as the blue form and they are thriving here. I tend to keep the cyclamen to the edges of the garden, these last few days in an often recurring wonder at how we will fare in old age, by the time we are old this garden will be stuffed full of bulbous and corm like gems, snowdrop, crocus, erythronium, fritillaria, cyclamen. Nerine are at the front tho are not thriving, perhaps as they have only been in a year its too early to tell.  It would be tragic if the owners after us were blind to these wonderful things (which will probably be the case) I've been thinking instructions and a map would help.  


Meconopsis cambrica the welsh poppy can so easily be so troublesome, yet i like to see a few around and in this case the actual colour is better in reality. The cyclamen to the right generally are in flower just after Christmas in the most incredible shocking pink. i will have to sometime split this group as it is several different plants. I find this year that a light watering with 'Miraclgro' a couple of months ago when most cyc were dormant has helped flower production.


On the left is my slug control technique, house bricks turned cavity down, fortnightly rounds of snipping keeps 'em down. Also function as stepping stones, thereby minimising any trampling down of the friable earth.


The harts tongue fern comes from pre-war garden in our nearby city, they thrive there as its shaded heavy soil and wet.


On the left is a not very good pic of american pokeweed ie Phytolacca americana. This one flowers red, I used to have the white version too. And on the right is a common polypody, P. vulgare I assume.

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