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Yellow Earth ....Chinese cinema. - kllrchrd
Yellow Earth ....Chinese cinema.


Mandarin (Hanzi) is .... 黃土地; pinyin: Huáng tǔ dì

Sis in America cannot get to see the classic Chinese film 'Yellow Earth'. So here it is on a better Chinese website in one complete section, no chopping up.   The music is heart rending, the visuals are stunning, a great film on so many levels. Warning, there is an occasional annoying animated bra advert featuring a womans 'boobs' .... just scroll your page down and hey presto it is gone, my apologies for this.


Postscript. The above does not have subtitles, so to help along heres a rough idea.... a soldier is detailed to roam the countryside to collect folk songs. He encounters a wedding party, they are poor, the fish course is a symbolic one, bits of painted wood shaped like fish. He finds a family to stay with, poor people and living an ancient way. The girl is stunning and she is captivated by the soldier who seems so educated. Sidenote, we must remember that for all of Maos failings he ended a sometimes oppressive fuedal system and made possible basic education for the masses. Back to the story,  in short she has been given in marriage to a frightening and unsuitable suitor to clear a debt incurred in her mothers funeral. The girl takes a small rowing boat and attempts to cross the huge Yellow River, she drowns. Its probable she wanted to anyway rather than face her future husband. The last couple of minutes are most strange, the villagers resort to ancient pagan ritual in desperation for rain.


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